Join the Rush

STL#27 keeps shooter to the outside, forcing a shot that misses the net and breaks the Blues out of their zone.  STL#27 sees that if he joins the attack, he creates a 2-on-1.  STL#27 gets a great pass and scores to tie the game.

Key Points:

  • Beats his defender up ice
  • Stays in open passing lane
  • Catch & shoot with weight transfer onto right leg

D joining as 4th man creates a goal

Four defenders backcheck into their defensive zone but instead of picking up a man they "puck watch" and leave a man open in the middle of the ice.  CHI does a good job moving the puck across the rink.  CHI2 catches the puck and pivots setting himself up for a quick release slap shot.

Key Points:

  • Skating to Space
  • Puck Movement
  • Catch & Shoot without Stickhandling


Walking the Line

5 Coyotes collapse around the net making the D wide open.  LAK#8 calls for the puck, catches it while moving then pulls the puck off the wall to get to the middle of the ice.  Takes a great wrist shot, missing the defender, and using the screen to tie the game.

Key Points:

  • Catching the puck while moving, not stationary
  • Using cross-unders to improve shooting angle 
  • Shooting and not allowing shot to be blocked by defender